Sunday, 24 March 2013

Thank You & Goodbye

Dear you, 

Thank You for these 2 years of R/s.
I know it has been hard for you.
I admit I must be a demanding gf.
Sorry that I don't understand you well engh..
Sorry for not asking to understand you more..
Sorry for not asking how you feel..
Sorry for not putting myself in your shoes.
Sorry for not letting you save money.
Sorry for every stress I cause
Really dont know that being with me is such a stressful thing to do.
So now, I decided to let you go even thou I know it's gonna be hurtful , not gonna be easy..
but you know what, I don't wish to cause you any more stress or unhappiness.
Thank you for being such a awesome bf for these 2 years..
Thank You for always giving in to me, understanding me , trying all your efforts to make me happy.
But you know what I don't need any expensive presents, nor any good food , I`m happy to eat at coffee shops as long as I`m with you.
Coz you are the happiest thing I ever had in life.
Thank You for this wonderful relationship.
Just want to let you know that whatever we maybe in future, be it friends or strangers, you will still hold that special place in my heart.
Thank You and Goodbye.

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