Sunday, 31 March 2013

Coz people come and go but they will be there for me forever ♥

So it's good friday !
Yh & friends came to my church!
thanks for coming!

Yh got saved!
so happy for her :D
after church, went to 163 to eat kkm w family, bestie and nuer.

then to studio M.
surprised nic @ the hotel.
then went to work.

after work, miao and I went to meet the rest @ The Beer Market.
drank half bottle of chivas with my empty stomach and was totally gone.
they said I keep crying and calling his name.

well, it's gonna be the last time I cry for him
been ill treating my body lately.
initially was working @ 830 the next day but nuer took my shift instead for me to rest more.

but i end up gng to adventure cove!
sorry nuer!
thanks bestie and friends for taking care of me.

& the song dedication which I totally forgoten about it.
was too drunk that I dont even know how I got back to hotel.
So i`m blogging now to remind myself that to stop hurting myself because of him.

He's not coming back anymore.
Yes, perhaps he's changed.
We changed.

So Reen, be strong.
I`ve still got a gazillion people caring for me.

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