Monday, 25 March 2013

Letting go.

The left is the first photo we took together... & the right is our last photo taken together.
The first meet up was at town, first meal was at astons..
The last meet up was at Nex , last meal was at Mcd..
wanna blog about these coz I know even if we are not together, I will still have beautiful memories reading thru my blog.
Thank You for coming into my life.
A friend of mine told me that, go look at his photos.. did you realise his smile is getting lesser as time passed, yeap, I realise it's true.. I must be a terrible gf coz I let someone who love me so much cant wait to leave me.
Well, anyway it's over alrdy.. I believe God has better plans for me..

Today his parents came to pass me my things..
Got bird nest for them as a token of appreciation..
Auntie said Don't worry , let him finish his education first..
& before she left she ask me to call her if there's anything..
Immediately tears rolled down my cheeks.
They weren't just his parents, but they are part of my family.
Knowing the fact I wont be able to meet them anymore makes me sad.
Thank You Uncle & Auntie for all you care and concern during this 2 years.
I wont forget you guys.

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