Saturday, 15 September 2012


Many should know my bf ORD-ed.
yeah, these 2 years wasnt easy I swear.
Alot of people said if you can last with the guy for 2 years,the girl is for you.

that's not really true.
a friend of mine told me that the real challenge is when he start to go out to the society..

maybe in this 2 years he hasn't expose to alot of people..
but now he can..
don't know what will it like after he ORD.

like will we get bored of seeing each other?
will he do this.. will he do that..
what else can I say? let nature take it course ba..

anyways, been really stressed up with sch.
one more mth till the final exam.
few more days till projects submission.

Dear God, I pray for strength and wisdom.

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