Tuesday, 13 March 2012



I `ve got my first full time job like so easy.
& I believed everything was planned by GOD.

How did I get this job?
So one day I asked by ex colleague from CO Michelle abt her job as La Salle.
and she introduced me abt this M hotel job.

everything was like so easy and smooth.
submitted my resume like super late and immediately at night the in charge called me.
and asked me for interview.

so went interview on sunday ,SUPER UNPREPARED.
took train to Tanjong Pagar and it was pouring!!
waited @ the mrt for so long and 1 construction worker came to approach me and lend me an umbrella.

Thank god and thank him man.
Reached interview super early and everything went so well.
few days later the person called me and I got the job @ the pay of 1.7 K without seeing my diploma cert.

should be the hotel experience that I have ba,
went down to M hotel again and chatted with my boss.
and he's seems very happy abt me.

Thank God once again.
starting work on 26 march and will still be working for Cotton On body on weekends.
gonna be tough for love and us but I now we will made it thru right?!

That's all.
Thanks for reading guys.

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