Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 5


it's thursday.
Day 5 w/o baby.
he called yest, & sounded really tired.

my heart sank when I heard him
thou I really wished to talk to him awhile more.
I kept asking him to sleep coz I don't want him to tire himself out.

anyway, stayed @ home da whole noon 2 be a zai nu today
caught Playful Kiss while waiting for the bdae girls to come.
once then reach we went BPP to have Thai Express.

After tat, went to JP to meet mummyyyy
mum brought me to NYNY!
nvr been there b4!

I sua ku.
had their choco waffle & it tasted EXACTLY like my muffins!
lols, cmi la.

den home.
exercise with sis.
really want to slim down b4 baby come back

wanna surprise babyyyyy.
but I just don't have the motivation to RUN.

time fly please.

I want my bf backkkkkkkkkkkk.

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