Sunday, 4 January 2015

New Year, New Start


So on 31.12.14, I ended the r/s w C.
C didnt do anything wrong but I felt I did smth wrong to God.
So I decided to make right with God and hence we broke off.

New Year Day! 01.01.15
Went to bugis for dinner with babygirls.
Treat them to zi char for the first time after 11 years of friendship.
Nuer treated me to dessert then!

Sat 03.01.15
Decided to do a spring cleaning, threw away all the unwanted stuffs.

Stayed home the whole day and had bbq w Family :D
Been awhile since I spent time with family , it's good to be home sometimes.

First Corporate service of the year.
After church , went changi city point to get my hair cut, about 3 - 4 inches.
I dun ustd why girls love to cut hair after a break up, hahah but I joined in the fun.

Went back to VFC CCK for evening svc.
Sister Margaret Seaward preached about Prayer.
2015 would be a prayerful year for me!

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