Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Dear All,

Merry Xmas!
So had a half day on Xmas Eve.

After work went to meet bro & Da sao.
Had lunch at Miammiam~
After lunch we headed to Marina Sq for LLAOLLAO~

Finally satisfied my cravings.
Then we headed to Raffles Exchange to chat over a cup of tea.
After tea, I went to Raffles City Shopping Centre to visit my candidate.

Then headed to Fang's place.
Had drinking and chit chatting session w my primary sch clique & stayed over at bestie's .
Went to church straight the next day.

No green box nor white box for xmas this year.
it's ok :(
Hopefully someone will get for me on next year.

thanks for reading.

Merry Xmas Everyone~

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