Tuesday, 30 April 2013



exams ended.
march and april had been a really bad month for me due to the break up.

din prepare much for exams coz i jus dont have the mood to study.
anyway , it all ended.
hopefully I wont need to remodule.

went to town w wara and moon after exam.
shopped the whole day till 5+
then headed to miao 's.

charge my phone alil & back to town to meet Hui Lay for dinner.
the world is super small.
bumped into Leon, Ns & victor @ 313.

cried upon telling them what happen.
Coreen, stop it.
stop crying for the useless coward whom don't dare to meet you to talk things out.

then phuture > mink > home.
heard that he's flying to bkk with his friends.
ok,u win.

dont want go w me, go w ur friends.
I really dont think stress is the reason we broke up.
anyway, fuck it.
I shall stop thinking about it anymore
fuck you wwj.
fuck all the memories we had.
fuck this fucking 2.5 years of r/s
fuck everything we had.
have fun in bkk and fuck u very much.

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