Monday, 24 June 2013

Sorry and Thank You.

So after Leon Dave, I was seeing this guy..
He's the craziest guy I ever met.
Send me home from orchard and cab back to hougang every single time.

He quit smoking for me.
He do crazy acts for me.
He never fails to feed me well and take care of me..
He cares about every thing I do, whether am I hungry, angry , sad, disappointed..
He is willing to go to church for me.
He buys me a super expensive thingy just because he want my eczema to heal.
Most importantly, he knows that W still lives in my heart and he is willing to help me get him off.

Thank You for this beautiful 3 weeks.
I swear I really enjoyed myself alot.
Sorry I had to leave and please remember all our happy memories?

Thank you and Goodbye QLJ ...

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