Friday, 24 May 2013


As you guys know I 've been partying way too much after the break up.
Yeap, I may seems happy but deep inside me i`m not & i`m yearning for your attention.
so last week I `ve been partying and drinking for the whole week.

Daddy warned me to be back by 12 but I heed his advice..
as a result, i`m locked out of home.
went to mum's place to stay .

at night when I came back, had a family talk.
promised Dad not to do stupid things anymore.
So Daddy set 3 rules for me :
1.Be home by 2359 everyday.
2.Club once if there's bdae celebration.
3.No taking photos closely with GUYS.

anyways, everything's alright now.
sis came back to BODY to work!
can get to see her more often!

& I decided to change for good.
Yeap , they are right.
Whatever I`m doing now ain't even attracting your attention coz you are no longer stalking me.
So from today onwards, i`m gonna change for good.

The world still Revolves w/o you WWJ.

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