Thursday, 14 February 2013

HAPPY? Valentines

hi all.

so was working on wed.
after work went to do project for awhile and we to hunt for valentines gifts..

went home to melt the choco > dip it > mould it > put in the fridge...
while waiting for it to freeze I did my card..
finished everything @ 12+..

& then went to sleep.
went to work today.

after work went to meet love for dinner @ Jack's place.
I`m demanding or what but Jack's place food was horrible.
the beef cant even be chewed, the tiramisu sucks, the tea is not even hot.

as a result I was really unhappy.
but maybe it's because of all the efforts I put in preparing for it and all I got was a hello kitty plushie and a dinner in return.

was really unhappy I din receive flowers today.
Guys, if you buy ur gf flowers on valentines, be sure you do it every year...
if not ur gf will be expecting u to get her flowers or they will be paranoid thinking u said u din buy but u will buy when the fact is u din buy at all.

Yes, the poor girl whom think too much is me.
k , sad girl signing off.
i`m materialistic or whatever, but flowers just meant so much to me on this day

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