Monday, 19 November 2012

sleepover at bestie


was busy working and also loss interest to blogggg lately coz there's nth much to blog and also because I can't type exactly how I feel as I will hurt the other party.
I might get a private blog soon , so I can type everything down with hurting anyone.

anyways, was busy working last week
Mon - fri!
lols, i`m only a part timer!

but it's ok !
there's $$$!
went bestie's house on fri after work

ordered pizza hut , then we went to COQ & BALLS to chill
nice place to chill despite being in the neighborhood area
after that, went to bestie to stayover with Hx & nuer!

what's a girls sleepover without a HTHT <3
chatted with them till 4.30 am & slept!
went bf house after that.

talked to him finally.
communication is really impt in a r/s.
Please let the other party know how you are feeling ..

however, there may be consequences.
being angry..
not agreeing on what you said..
pushing blames on you & so on..

ok, that's all for today


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