Friday, 5 October 2012

meet up with fav girls


had been mugging for exams since holidays.
can't afford to fail

one paper cost 1 K.
fail one paper, must sell my branded goods le.
anyway, met loverboy and send him to sch on Thurs.

Secretly put a notebook and a pencil case inside his bag while he went to get food for me.
i`m damn sweet IKR
after tat, meet le girls for dinner.

went to a sulky place with sulky food and sulky service to eat.
after tat we wanted to go Rebel for the aircon.
end up clubbing!!

left club @ 2.
the earliest time i ever left club.
My most awesome bf waited for me to reach home before he sleep again.

why he shooo sweet
anyway 5 more days to our 2nd.

looking forward to where is he gonna bring me.

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