Sunday, 29 July 2012

love's 21st


as everyone know it was my bf's 21st on 27/7..
I prepared for 1 mth!
from buying decorations, to doing the DIY photography theme, cupcakes stands, cupcakes and everything on my own.

total damage : #300+!!
so went over to his hse to surprise him with cupcakes @ 12am.
met his mum @ JP @ 11 to do groceries with her..

went to sch on fri & cab home after sch.
check in @ 4pm..
and decorated the place on my own.

Check out @ 10 + the next day & went to his hse to nap
then he went out to meet his friends while I went home to do project with Renice & Faith.

church as usual.
Jessica spoke to me abt our r/s
Christians date to get married.

how long more can I wait for you to convert..
i really dont know.
i`m not getting younger anymore..

that's all.


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