Friday, 10 February 2012

Thank You RP for these 3 years


it's the last day of school in RP.
after UT 3, we will be walking on our own..
I wanna dedicated to post to RP..

Before I got in, I never thought I will like this school.
everyone said we are useless, we are unwanted Poly.
But you know what, it's wrong.

who says we are the last Poly in SG
we are ranked no. 2 now ok.

Year 1 ~
Met bunch of awesome friends :D
Yahui & Jamie became my best friends then~

Year 2.
Crazy bunch of classmates!
Anna, Wei Yun , Wan Ting, Jerome , Hellven , Jia Le, Rachel etc.
these people are the craziest people !

had fun & laughter in class everyday~
we played hard and study smart ok~

Year 3.
went for IIP @ Marina Mandarin for half a year.
made awesome friends there~

Jessica, Cassendra, Norlyn , Frisca , David etc.
after the half year, I went back to sch.
this time round was in the same class as Jia Le, Eugene, Karina again..

then came my super funny clique with Juyee, Leonard, Kah Yong & the rest I mentioned above.
Time Flies, in a blinking of an eye there goes my 3 years in Poly Life.
I blamed myself for not studying as hard in Year 1 & 2.

in Year 3, I got some As.
If I have studied as hard in Yr 1 & 2 I would have made it to local u.
but it's too late.

I`m gng for SIM .
Degree in Marketing.
Thank You RP, till then we shall meet.

Signing off ~

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